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    Finding What You Need: You will find all listed parts by clicking on All Parts in the navigation menu above. If you know what you want, click on a sub-category listed under "All Parts". If you don't see the part you need, or if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Hottop Americas Customer Service with any questions you may have.

    Important: For some items it is critical to know exactly what model you have. Please refer to our MODEL IDENTIFICATION WEBPAGE to be sure of the model for which you are ordering parts. Do not depend on printed model numbers on the machine itself.

    Upgrading: If you have been considering upgrading your Hottop Coffee Roaster, we have a comprehensive guide to upgrades. it shows what upgrades are available for your machine as well as links to the installation instructions.

    Repair Information: Step-by-step repair procedures on our website can be found HERE. We also have a number of video files in our Video Education Center which compliment those procedures. That area also has some troubleshooting videos as well.

    Canadian Orders: Please E-Mail us with your needs so that we can be sure that the shipping and other costs are computed correctly. We normally ship parts via USPS priority mail. For most parts this will be about $30.00. Heavier items such as the Main Motor could go as high as $50.00. Order multiple items (such as extra Main Filters along with small parts) to save on shipping.