Repair Procedure
Temperature Sensor
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Begin by following these procedures:
Rear Cover
Bearing Plate and Drum
Top Cover
Motor- (Only remove the 4 retaining screws and move motor to the side- the motor does not need to be completely removed from the machine.)

 NOTE: This video is for the old style K-probe with the larger, white insulating sleeve. The newer probes have a covering that is much smaller in diameter. To remove the new probe unplug it from the control panel, unscrew the locknut, slide the nut and washer off the wire, and remove the probe through the roast chamber. There is NO NEED to remove the plug from the wire.
  Be aware that when removing the OLD STYLE K-probe that damage to the probe's tiny connectors inside the plug or damage to the wires themselves is possible. This will render the thermopcouple unusable and require replacement. Use care when following this procedure.
Installation of the old style thermocouple is in the reverse order of removal:
  • Insert the probe's wire through the roast chamber's rear wall first.
  • Next, working from behind the roast chamber's rear wall, slide the the washer, then the nut, and then the insulationg sleeve onto the probe's wires.
  • After insuring that all parts are in place, reinsert the wires' contacts into the plug. Be sure of the polarity before insertting them!
  • The wires must be held in the plug securely by the tiny retaining tabs.

    Installation of the new style thermocouple:
    For the new style K thermocouple, simply feed the plug of the thermocouple through the roast chamber rear wall from inside the roast chmaber while guiding the wire through the rear portion of the roaster and through the hole leading to the control panel.

  • To complete the procedure:
    Replace the Motor
    Replace the Top Cover
    Replace the Rear Cover
    Replace the Fan
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