Repair Procedure
Main Circuit Board
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1 Begin by following these procedures:
Bearing Plate and Drum
Remove Fan
Remove Rear Cover
Remove Base

2 With the Base free of the machine, the main board is easily accessed. Begin by removing the remaining wires as indicated here:
1 - Fan Cable
2 - Agitation Motor wires
3 - White and Black Power Cord wires (note their positions)
4 - (Not shown) cable to Control panel

3 Next, remove the four screws indicated in this photo which secure the main board to the base.

4 When replacing the Main board, be sure that the two sets of wires from the Agitation Motor and the Bean Cooling Fan are routed around the Main Board mounting studs as seen here.

Be sure that the edge of the Main Board with the male spade terminals faces to the rear of the base and replace the four screws. Attach the four wires removed in Step 1 above.

To complete the process, reassemble the following:
Replace Base
Replace Rear Cover
Replace Fan
Replace Bearing Plate and Drum
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