Repair Procedure
Top Cover
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1 NOTE: the top, stainless steel surround that is the top half of the machine can be difficult to replace. After it has gone through numerous heat and cooling cycles it can change shape a bit. This can make it difficult to realign when replacing the screws. When replacing the cover it is best to have an assistant handy to hold the cover in place while the screws are replaced.

Begin by following these procedures:
Remove Bearing Plate and Drum
Remove Fan
Remove Rear Cover

2 In all cases, take note that there are two styles of screws used in this assembly- machine screws as shown to the left, and self-tapping screws as shown on the right. These must go back into the correct locations upon reassembly.

3 Remove the two screws indicated here at the rear of the machine. There are sometimes not perfectly vertical. Take note of that as reinstalling them will be easier.

4 Stretch the sides apart a bit to enable the cover to be lifted off the machine, being careful not to catch any wiring.. Take care not to scratch the cover and place it off to the side.

5 To reinstall, move the Top Cover into place, aligning it along both sides, and make sure that the front edge of the Top Cover is in place under the Bezel. Replace the two self-tapping screws at the rear of the machine, turning them in about half way. Verify that the cover is properly aligned before tightening the screws.

To complete the procedure:
Replace the Rear Cover
Replace the Fan
Replace the Drum and Bearing Plate
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