Repair Procedure
Main Fan Replacement
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1 Remove the rear filter and place it aside. Loosen all four Phillips head screws indicated here which hold the fan in place, then remove them one at a time. Hold the fan against the machine when removing the last screw.

2 Lower the fan, but take care not to stress the wires.

3 Carefully pull the connector through the back of the machine. Grasp the two halves of the polarized connector and wiggle them while pulling to separate them. As seen here, the connector will only go back together in one way.

4 When replacing the fan push the wires and connector through the back of the machine, and place the wires as shown here. Be sure not to pinch the wires when replacing the fan. Hold the fan in place, be sure that it is aligned all the way around and that the wires are not pinched, and then loosely replace all for screws before tightening them. Do not over-tighten the screws!
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