Repair Procedure
Heating Element Alignment
      The position of the Heating Element is important for proper operation of the Hottop Coffee Roaster. If it is too close to the wall of the roasting chamber heat may be lost and can slow the roast through loss of heat energy. That is less of a problem than if the heating Element is too close to the drum. In that position it can cause "tipping" of the beans which is a scorching that causes bad tastes. Although a rare condition, in the extreme, the heating element may rub on the drum which will cause noises
      Allow the roaster to cool to room temperature and remove the power cord from the wall outlet. Follow the directions to Remove the Roasting Drum and examine the heating element.

This image shows the proper location for the Heating Element.
The distance at "B" as well as at "C" should be roughly equal to that at "A."
In other words, it should be parallel to the Roasting Chamber's inner wall.

NOTE: Bezel removed for better view of Heating Element. Do not remove the Bezel.

      Look at the back wall of the Roasting Chamber where the Heating Element mounts to see the proper distance. The heating element should be the same distance from the Chamber Wall throughout its length. A visual inspection is sufficient- it is not necessary to actually measure the distance. If it is necessary to adjust the heating element, use care when bending it into its proper location. After bending the outer bars of the Element it may be necessary to make a further adjustment to the center loop of the element. This procedure is for minor adjustments only, and is most effective for an element that is too close to the outer wall of the roasting chamber.

CAUTION: Use care not to be injured on sharp edges during this procedure.

      There are times when the adjustment procedure described above is not effective. In this instance it will be necessary to first remove the Heating Element from the roaster for further adjustment.

      Use a suitable pair of pliers to grasp the mounting tab at one end of the Heating Element. Position the pliers so that they cover the mounting hole completely so as not to distort the hole when bending the tab. For a Heating Element that is too close to the Roasting Drum bend the mounting tab by moving the pliers in the direction indicated by the red arrow above. A small amount of movement of the tab is all that will be necessary. Repeat on the other tab, and attempt to bend it the same amount as the first adjustment. use care not to damage the electrical connections nor their ceramic insulators.

      After reinstalling the Heating Element, check the alignment as stated above and adjust as necessary.

    If the element is warped, oddly bent, or twisted in such a way that it cannot be aligned in the manner as described above, the Heating Element will need to be replaced. Contact Hottop to order a replacement heating element.

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