Repair Procedure
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    The machine is protected by a glass fuse on the circuit board. If it has blown the machine will not power up. Usually the fuse blows for a reason that must be determined before replacing the fuse.

Begin by following these procedures:
Rear Cover

1 Looking into the rear of the machine, the fuse is located on the right-hand side of the main circuit board, towards the front of the machine. it is just behind the connections for the power cord. The location of the fuse is shown here. It might be helpful to remove the power cord connections from the main board to allow easier access to the fuse.

2 Looking down at the main board, the fuse is easily seen. Using a suitable tool, remove the fuse by pulling it straight up. When replacing the fuse in the fuse holder, be sure it is a tight fit. Carefully bend the holder's tabs together before inserting the fuse to assure a good connection. Reconnect the power cord if removed.

To complete the procedure:
Replace the Rear Cover
Replace the Fan
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