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Voltage Problems

Early Ejection Problem
High Voltage Caused

      The North American Hottop coffee roaster functions best when the line voltage is in the range of about 115 to about 122VAC. If it falls below 115 there can be problems getting successful dark roasts particularly with batches of 250 grams or more. There is a device called a "variac" that plugs into the wall and then the desired electrical device plugs into the variac. An adjustment knob on the variac allows the user to "tune" the voltage level to whatever they want. This allows users with low voltage to roast properly.
      Most variacs have a voltage meter on them to indicate the output voltage but these are not always easy to read or they can be inaccurate. If you choose to use a variac it is a good idea to use a voltmeter to verify the output voltage during a roast. There is little reason to run a voltage over about 122 VAC. There are situations where a voltage higher than that can cause the machine to go into an early eject and cool-down cycle. If your roaster ejects the beans very early in the roast or goes into the the cooling mode before adding the beans, over-voltage could be a possible cause.

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