Repair Procedure
Fastener Examples
      There are a number of different screws that are used to assemble the Hottop Coffee Roaster. These can vary by model or by how old the roaster may be, but this page will help you in the reassembly process or in ordering parts. To make things easier, group and label screws during assembly to insure they are returned to the proper locations. Familiarizing yourself with these various types of hardware before beginning work will make things less confusing later.
  • 1 - Used internally to hold stainless steel top cover to frame and in other locations. Note the flat tip.

  • 2 - Holds the front bezel as well as some internal parts. Four (or five depending on model) are used to hold the main circuit board to the base.

  • 3- Four of these hold the Drum bearing Plate to the front of the machine

  • 4- Seven of these are found under the machine, holding the base to the cooling tray base

  • 5- These are the most commonly found in the Hottop Roaster. There are many internally, and four of these hold the base to the upper assembly. These are te four nearest the rear of the machine on the bottom of the base.

  • 6- These screws hold many of the external plastic panels together.

  • 7- Four of these self-tapping screws hold the fan assembly to the back cover of the machine.

  • 8- Four of these bolts and nuts are used to mount the main fan to the fan's plastic cover.
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