Gold Knob Function and Adjustment
updated 5/2016
One of the sometimes-misunderstood operations of the Hottop Coffee Roasters is the function of the Gold Knob on the face of the Hottop Roasters. In a properly operating roaster with a correctly adjusted roasting drum, the only function of the Gold Knob is to hold the front cover in place. Normally, the knob needs to only be screwed in far enough to just sit firmly on the front cover.

Normally you would only tighten the Gold Knob just to the point that it holds the front cover in place

      The only exception to that would be to tighten the gold knob just a little (1/8 of a turn or less) to take some of the strain off the thrust bearing and gears in the drum motor. You would do that if you heard the motor's gears laboring. If that does not solve the problem or if scraping sounds are heard, follow the instructions on our Roasting Drum Alignment page. Operating the roaster with a drum that is scraping while in operation or a drum motor that is laboring excessively can lead to drum motor damage requiring replacement of the motor.

WARNING: Overtightening the Gold Screw may allow the drum to move too far forward (towards the glass viewing window). The result will be excessive space between the rear of the drum and the roast chamber's rear wall. This can allow beans to get caught and stop the drum which can damage the drum motor. To check drum clearance follow the directions on THIS PAGE.
CAUTION: The gold knob will be hot whenever the roaster is in operation. Gloves are highly recommended.
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