How to Replace the "B" Type Control Panel

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To replace the panel:
  • Carefully replace the cables in their respective sockets. There are polarizing taps on each so they only go in one way, and they are three different sizes so cannot be confused.
  • On "K" machines, replace the thermocouple connector last. Use care as the conductors are solid-core and can be easily broken. Do not bend them more than absolutely necessary.
  • Start at the bottom by inserting the panel and aligning it with the opening. Then snap it in, starting along one side with the lower left-side tab and then the lower right-side tab. Continue up and snap the top center tab last.
  • Power the roaster, start an empty roast (no beans) and ensure proper ooperation uincluding the eject finction, verifying that the eject door has opened fully.