Hottop Roaster Refurbishing Services

We normally guide owners towards doing their own repairs. Why?

  • It saves the owner money. In some cases LOTS of money
  • It eliminates shipping costs
  • It eliminates the possibility of the roaster being damaged during shipping

We are here to assist  any customer with guidance when making a diagnosis and attempting repairs:

  • We have all the repair instructions in step-by-step form on our website
  • We are here to help you diagnose and identify the problem
  • We are here to answer any questions you have during the repair process

But what if you cannot or do not want to take the time and effort to repair your roaster? That is fine, but be aware of the following:

  • The roaster must be shipped in its original box with the factory shipping materials. An additional packing fee of $75 will apply if any other packaging is used. We are not responsible for shipping damage in either direction without you supplying the original, factory packing materials in good condition.
  • We want to make sure that when we repair a roaster that it returns to you in safe working order. Because of that we require you to remove the back and roasting drum and send us a photo of the rear compartment showing the chamber where the main motor is housed. We also need a well lit photo of the roast chamber with the drum removed. This gives us a good idea as to the condition of the roaster as well as the level of care it has received. Roasters which in our opinion appear to have not been properly maintained will be charged an additional $200 cleaning fee above and beyond other costs involved in the repair.
  • Replacement of any parts beyond what the customer has requested may be required depending on the condition of the roaster. These parts and the labor involved can add substantially to the cost of repair.
  • Older roasters such as KN-8828, KN-8828D, KN-8828P, and KN-8828B as well as the B-2 and P-2 are best repaired by the customer as the repair costs can easily exceed the value of the roaster. Beyond that, the control panels for those roasters are no longer available (All "P" model panels are no longer available). If a control panel fails on any of those roasters, the roaster will need to be upgraded and the total cost of that service can be close to the purchase price of a new roaster.
  • A simple repair of a well-maintained roaster, such as replacing a Main Motor (the motor which rotates the roasting drum), can cost up to $400 depending on shipping costs. Maybe more considering the additional fees mentioned above. For a roaster that has not been well maintained, additional parts and labor can put the price closer to $1000. The heating element, fusible link, eject solenoid, bearing plate, and more may be required for us to repair the roaster for your safety.

We cannot estimate the total cost before we receive your roaster. We can give you an idea, but that is all. Nobody likes surprises, but be aware that your roaster sent to us for non-warranty repairs will not be returned until payment is made for the repairs.


If you have any questions about our repair services please feel free to ask!