Hottop Roaster Refurbishing Services

    Over time all appliances age and are in need of a good cleaning and refurbishment, and that is even more true when discussing a coffee roaster. Roasting coffee produces water vapor, airborne oils, chaff, and even small bits of coffee beans. Add the heat of the roasting process to that, and after a few years your roaster may be in need of a thorough going over.
    We prefer that you do the work yourself if possible. Our website contains a lot of assistance in that regard. We offer full, step-by-step instructions on disassembling the machine as well as a number of videos that show most of these procedures as well. Using those two resources together, most home users can replace virtually every part of the machine. A tear-down and cleanup can be accomplished with just a slot screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, and a pair of needle-nose pliers. Check out THIS video which shows some before and after images of a refurbished Hottop which was cleaned up at home. That page offers a number of cleaning tips as well.
    By doing the work yourself, you save labor costs as well as shipping costs and eliminate the potential for shipping damage to the roaster. You also save downtime and will be back to roasting sooner. Anyone familiar with hand tools can likely take a Hottop apart, ready for cleaning, in less then two hours if they take their time, even the first time they attempt it. But we understand that not everyone is comfortable with this sort of job, and if you cannot find someone to do the work for you we do offer the service. When we receive a roaster for out-of-warranty servicing we will do a full refurbishment.*1
    The roaster is disassembled, cleaned, and numerous parts are replaced:
  • Main fan ($30)
  • Heating element with fusible link ($70)
  • Rear Filter ($11)
  • Top Filter ($11)
  • Bean Loading Chute ($5)
  • Rear Cover ($30)
  • Eject assembly including Solenoid ($50-$70 depending on model of roaster)
  • Plus Return shipping ($30 to $50 depending on your location)
  • While the machine is apart it will be cleaned inside and out

    After the roaster is assembled we test it for proper operation by roasting a batch of coffee so that we can be sure that you will receive a roaster that is ready to go to work once again.
Parts estimate – around $235 to $260
Total labor - $200
With return shipping the minimum total is going to be approximately $450.00

    Additional parts beyond those mentioned above may need to be replaced. Those may include:
  • Control panel
  • Main circuit board
  • Main motor
  • Bean cooling fan
  • Bean agitation motor
  • Bearing plate
  • Bean loading chute cover

  •     These parts are normally replaced only if there is a problem found or if you state that they need replacing (inoperable control panel buttons, grinding noise in motor, etc.). Be aware that the cost of some of these parts can add substantially to the total.

        Yes, that does sound like a lot, but after this service we warranty parts and labor for one year, just like a new machine (see our website for details on our warranty), and because we are ready to stand by our repair work to that extent we need to make sure you receive a dependable machine when we are done. So basically, what you receive back is a fully overhauled roaster, ready to go back to work with a warranty that covers all the parts we replace as well as the labor (as necessary) if any of those parts fail.
        Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning our roaster refurbishing program. If you decide to do the work yourself, our customer service department is always here to assist in any way we can at And as always, all parts are available at our online shopping cart.

        *1 – The decision as to the level of servicing needed and the number of parts replaced is made by our service technician. For example: Let's say that you send us a machine and state, β€œAll I need is the heating element replaced.” When the machine arrives and is opened by the technician, a decision is made based on the condition and apparent amount of use the machine has seen. If we decide that it needs more work than just having the heating element replaced we will contact you. We will not proceed without your approval. If you refuse the additional work the machine will be reassembled and returned to you in the condition in which we received it, at your cost for return shipping. On the other hand, if we see that the machine has a new main filter already installed we will not replace that part.