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Hottop Coffee Roaster
Roasting Drum
Rotation Malfunction
DANGER: - DO NOT reach into roasting chamber or do any repair work when the roaster is plugged in.

DANGER: The Heating Element will be VERY hot after the machine has been operated even for just a few seconds.

      If the roaster is functioning normally in all other ways, but the drum is not turning, here are some steps to take to help diagnose the problem.

      If the drum is not turning, or turns hesitantly or intermittently, wait until the roaster has completely cooled before attempting to diagnose the problem. Once cooled, remove the drum, and while the drum is out of the machine, plug the machine in and begin a roast as you normally would. Look into the roaster and see if the Motor Drive in the center of the rear wall is turning, indicated by the "B" in the photo below:

IF NO: Contact your dealer or Hottop USA for further diagnosis and possible Drum Motor replacement.
IF NOISY: If it turns but there are clunking or grinding noises coming from the rear of the roaster, or if the drive does not rotate smoothly, contact your dealer or Hottop USA for further assistance.
IF YES: Check the Roasting Drum's drive pin at the rear of the drum and see if the drive pin is in place:

      If the drive pin indicated by the red arrow in the above photo is missing, the Roasting Drum needs to be replaced.

If you are having difficulty in isolating the source of the noise,
or if you have any further questions,
please feel free to E-mail us at for further assistance.

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